HOME TOUR: Brownstoner features JMorris Design owner’s home. Check out her update to a vintage Park Slope apartment

Brownstoner: The Insider: Surgical Strikes Update Vintage Park Slope Apartment


Before and After; A family of 5 turns to JMorris to control their entry foyer from clutter and chaos. They are thrilled to step in their door now. Take a look.

Before: We made a cluttered mess that was sad to come home to…

Into a contained, architectural in keeping system and catch all.

Make an entrance at your entry in 5 steps


What first impression does your home make?


In my Park Slope apartment the entry opening into a narrow hallway.  It blocked traffic when the door was in use and you had no place to drop off items which was not going to work for a family.  I had to carve a space from an adjacent room and steel from a closet to make a room that had the 5 basic needs for your entry, whether it’s a grand foyer or a mudroom, or a hallway.

  1. Firs things first.  Run through your exit and entrance motions and have a place for each need.  Do you sit, do you need a shoe storage.  Then you can decide on the best furniture given the space you have.  It could be a console with a ottoman you pull out and basket of shoes, a bench, or in my case, a open storage unit where I put our shoes and I have the top for our grab and go items.    Mittens and gloves can get a basket in winter and get switched out for sunscreens.  Decorative bowls are great for keys and ear buds, then put a tray or two for phones and wallets to have a home.  Even if you don’t have a lot of room you can find a space for this Esty Entry Organizer.
  2. Check Yourself.  I am big on a mirror moment, even if the mirror isn’t big like this Blu Dot Last Chance Mirror.  Consider a wall mount shelf for chap stick and comb for last minute touch ups.  
  3. Coat Check.  Even if your family doesn’t use it day to day, it’s great to have for the shopping bags you always forget and guests.  This classic Eames “Hang it All” Coat Rack is a great way to get a bunch of items off  the floor and where you need them.
  4. Weather-ready.  Umbrella stands don’t eat up a ton of real estate and make you ready for the unexpected showers.  You can be creative here, use a planter, or large vase, metal trash can.  It’s a great place to be unexpected and unique.
  5. Express Yourself. Something special that’s just for you and, ideally, sets the tone for rooms to come.  For us it was a hand printed navy wallpaper from Pineapple Froud from Soane Britain.  But it can be art, painted stripes, or just a beautiful mirror or chair.  Don’t be afraid to make a statement.  If wallpaper or room for art, even a plant can give live and personality to space!