The Challenge:

a first-time homeowner who wants to turn a basic, one-bedroom, Brooklyn apartment into an inviting, well-designed space for entertaining with a space-age, retro vibe. our assignment was for the living/dining room andhe wanted us to choose furniture but focus heavily on accessories to fill out the space in a fun and interesting way.


The Client:

A young professional, male in the advertising industry who loves to entertain.

The Solution:

We created 3 themes, ranging from simple and clean with vintage accents, to full-on retro


Bold Blue and Brass

Neutral tones accented with brass keep it clean and fresh, while a dramatic, bright blue lounge chair keep it feeling luxurious and unique.


Mad Men Made New

Rich, dark wood accents, plush rug, the mandatory bachelor’s home mini-bar and sexy, conversation piece art make a cozy, sleek space.


Space Age Superstar

Genuine, vintage accessories such as wall clocks and mini-bar must-haves compliment and high contrast concept of dark wood, technicolor wall art and leather furniture.