Best Space Saving Furniture for Small New York City Apartments

For anyone that’s ever lived in New York, we’ve all had that recurring dream where you find an unexpected extra room (or at least a closet?!, please?) in our apartments. Since waking up is inevitable, creativity is key.

As a Brooklyn based interior designer, I often have the fun yet challenging task of creating a functional, organized and beautiful space with a small amount of actual square footage.

Here are some tips and tricks of affordable, beautiful pieces that you can use to begin your own transformation.


Couchbed! A Genius Living Room Solution that is both comfortable, cute and versatile for guests!

Image Courtesy of:  CouchBed

Image Courtesy of: CouchBed



Platform beds with storage drawers are a key space-saving feature (especially great for kids’ rooms). I can always count on BLUDOT for modern, space-saving furniture that is well crafted and made in the USA. Click the image for a similar bed from BLUDOT (plus it’s 20% off this week!)

Image courtesy of:  Freshome

Image courtesy of: Freshome



Wherever you fall on the interior-design spectrum, we all occasionally need a little Ikea in our lives. Stainless steel wall-storage bars are perfect for everything from storing produce, to utensils, to pot-holders — without taking up valuable drawer space, and in an area that may otherwise go ignored. Click the image for this $4.99 bar that is worth all 499 pennies.

Image courtesy of:  Ikea

Image courtesy of: Ikea



Use a streamlined wall-mounted desk to save space and keep your floors clear (which contributes tremendously towards making a space seem larger!) This one from Etsy has the added benefit of supporting independent artisans — something I always try and promote.

Image courtesy of:  Etsy

Image courtesy of: Etsy



Good news! We are now selling our custom, walnut, locally-made entry console! Take it in the original size, or work with me to create a custom size. Perfectly designed to store all of your daily essentials while keeping your precious entry clutter-free.

Image courtesy of:  JMorris Design

Image courtesy of: JMorris Design