E-Design: Easy. Affordable. Professional Interior Design for Everyone!

Recently, at JMorris Design, we’ve started offering a new ‘E-Design’ service and so far it’s been super popular!

We still love our traditional, full-scope / full-service projects. But it became clear over the years that we needed to fill a void for clients who admired our work but lived far away, OR who simply needed a simple and affordable, quick-turnaround pick-me-up for a single room (or a few).

This service also allows JMorris Design to be more inclusive, servicing clients who care about style but want to ease into the interior design process.

So. How does it all work?!

selection from recent project - mood boards and product options for a newly purchased, retro-inspired 1br brooklyn condo


Step #1: A simple questionnaire…

You submit a short but important list of questions about your design preferences and goals for the space.

Step #2: A phone call…

We chat to discuss your answers, feel out additional details about you and your space, and get to know each other a bit.

Step #3: You give us…

  • A few photos of your space

  • Basic measurements or floor plan (if you have one)

  • Inspiration images, links, songs, etc. Anything that you want to submit to share your vibe (though no pressure if you don’t have anything to submit! We are expert detectives and can use our well-honed imaginations to flesh out the ideas from speaking to you and seeing images of your space as well).

Step #4: The fun part - space plan + Mood Boards!

We present you with a minimum of 1 Space Plan and 2 Image Boards. The boards contain a collage of products that all work together to bring your dream room to life. Each board will have it’s own distinct ‘flavor’. Once you get them, email us your feedback, questions, thoughts and reactions (and it’s totally fine to combine products from multiple boards, we’ll make it work!)

Step #5: The finish line…

We take your feedback to create a final board. Your vision is almost fully 3-D! Along with the final board, we provide a list of direct links for you to purchase the items. We tend towards items that are in-stock and easy to access, all within your specified budget.

Step #6: Voila!

Now all you have left is to order the items - once they arrive and you’ve opened the boxes, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, unpack and ENJOY your brand new, beautiful space.


selection of mood boards and product inspiration from a recent project for a teenage girl’s bedroom