Interior Design for Every Budget - Anyone Can Create a Beautiful, Peaceful Space - Here's How.

Quality interior design is achievable on any budget. Everything from interior design for small spaces to full-scale renovations, there are truly options for everyone. Good design should be accessible to all, and JMorris Design is here to help make that a reality!

$ - FREE


The FASTEST way towards a happy home (and an important step in any preparation for an interior design project), is creating a clean canvas. This means CLEANING CLUTTER! And what better time than spring for some, well, spring cleaning?! By now everyone has heard of the decluttering queen, Marie Kondo, having taken the world by storm with her bestselling book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, and now her hit Netflix series, “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” (To the point where thrift stores and Goodwills across the country are overloaded like they have never been before.) She also has specially trained consultants for hire who can help you work through the process.

While her methods clearly resonate and have helped who knows how many thousands of people improve their lives and ‘spark joy’ (her catchphrase), it’s certainly a commitment and takes some time.

Need a quicker fix?

For one week, make a goal to spend 20 minutes filling a bag per day of things to either toss or give away. You’ll certainly be surprised at how quickly and easily that bag gets filled up! Don’t deliberate over every item. When it comes to spring cleaning, trust your gut. Things you haven’t worn in years, or need fixing (and let’s face it, is it really worth the time / money to fix?), or that simply take up valuable space , collect dust, and contribute to a lack of organization - PUT IT IN THE BAG! (And don’t buy more stuff to replace it, ok?)

After one week of doing this, you’ll feel so much better that you’ll probably go for week 2! A VERY affordable, DIY, interior design solution - especially good for small NYC apartments. (BONUS: You may make some money if you happen to sell things at a consignment shop or on Ebay!)

Image courtesy of  Unsplash  by  @stilclassics

Image courtesy of Unsplash by @stilclassics


Once you’ve cleaned your space, you’re ready for a few key items that will start to transform it into your new organized and peaceful sanctuary.


Plants add a fresh, serene and cheerful quality to a home. They are also natural air cleaners! For the best low-maintenance, lower light, houseplants for indoors, try a Philodendron, Bird of Paradise, Golden Pothos, or everyone’s favorite trendiest houseplant….the Monstera! Want beautiful plants, pre-potted in gorgeous planters, and delivered straight to your door along with plenty of advice on easy care and maintenance? We love The Sill and Bloomscape. And if you want hands-on experience on growing plants indoors while hanging out with other plant lovers? Try this class at Brooklyn Brainery in June 2019!

Photo by  mentatdgt  from  Pexels

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels


Use attractive, functional boxes and bins for everything from kids toys to office supplies/papers, socks/underwear, to cleaning supplies. The best storage containers or baskets can both help keep you sane and also add to your decor. Some of our favorites come from The Container Store. Or even better for your conscience and the environment, check out these super chic and stylish handmade, recycled storage containers from Etsy!


There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to either clean up walls and open up a space, or to add a splash of depth and color.

Two new startups, Clare Paint and Backdrop make choosing colors a breeze, while Paintzen helps you find someone to do the dirty work. (Unless of course you want to do it yourself!) Just beware that it’s harder than it looks to get an even, clean look so a small investment in a professional painter can pay off. Paintzen is located in many major U.S. cities and select parts of most states, but if you live somewhere it’s not available, Thumbtack is a great option for finding painters (and many other home services).

‘ Self Portrait ’ color paint by  Backdrop .

Self Portrait’ color paint by Backdrop.



There are plenty of options for high quality, well-designed furniture and window treatments that will give your home a major face-lift. Our favorites for modern furniture with friendly price tags include: CB2, Article, Rove Concepts, Blu Dot, and Anthropologie to name but a few.. Check out some more ideas here and here.

Not-so-secret tip: CRAIGSLIST! Honestly it’s shocking what can be found here and again, besides being a fraction of the cost of the identical retail item, it’s so much better for Mother Earth! Fell in love with a certain piece of furniture but don’t want to spend that cash? If you live in a larger metropolitan area, chances are pretty good of finding the same or similar item on Craigslist within a few weeks. In NYC we love Aptdeco for high quality, designer used furniture, as well, and they arrange the delivery which does make it a bit easier than Craiglist!

For window treatments that are clean, custom and cost-effective try or The Shade Store. Hire a professional installer to measure and then place your order. Then, watch your space fill up with new energy immediately. Viola!

$$$$ - E-DESIGN

An affordable (and amazing!) solution for getting professional guidance on designing your dream space without breaking the bank! E-design services allow you to connect with a professional Interior Designer entirely online. Perfect if you live far away from the designer you would love to work with, or even if you live nearby but are on a budget. Using photos and measurements of your room, as well as information about your tastes and style, a designer will provide you with mood boards and product lists and even vetted professionals in your area for furniture assembly, installation and any other work involved. See our E-Design option here and an example of our process here.

Living room e-design mood board by  JMorris Design

Living room e-design mood board by JMorris Design



There are many options and price points for full-service Interior Design. Prices vary per location (NYC Interior Designers tend to charge a bit more than, say, interior designers in Boise, Idaho (which, by the way, has a thriving Mid Century Modern design aesthetic in their real estate scene - who knew?! Check it out.) There are exceptions to every rule, but the general range is between $50-$200/hour nationwide for Interior Designers. Some designers also charge a purchasing and/or project management fee, and some also charge a mark-up on any furnishings or supplies they purchase. (However, they also purchase many of this with a trade discount which will sometimes be passed along to the client, depending on your arrangement).

The reasons for the difference in fees have to do with cost of living in each city, cost of labor, skill and experience of the designer, materials used, and the general market at any given time, of course.

However, even in cities like New York, where full-on Interior Design services can be on the higher side, there are relatively affordable options to work with an interior designer. And, working with a good one (in any city) will provide a fantastic ROI (return on investment) with a high-quality space that truly reflects your lifestyle, values, tastes and needs. The right furniture can last a lifetime and renovating a home can add plenty of resale value, besides the immediate enjoyment and quality of life increase it provides. This surpasses the design fee and more than pays for itself!

Living Room from our  Carroll Street Cool  project. Photo by  Jacob Snavely .

Living Room from our Carroll Street Cool project. Photo by Jacob Snavely.